Here are some reasons why people like to use pitmats:

  1. Improves the pit look, to have a more professional appearance.
  2. You can spill nitromethane, methanol, gasoline, carb cleaner, brake clean, oil, etc. and everything will wipe off with a rag.
  3. We install grommets approximately every 10 feet should you need to ever arise to tether your mat due to extreme winds.
  4. The MAT is mold resistant, should you get caught in a rain storm at the track and have to fold the MAT up and go home.  If you don't open it for another 3 weeks, you will not have any mold.
  5. the MAT is flame resistant.  You can take a hot heater or zoomie off and set it down on the MAT and it will not burn a hole in the MAT.
  6. Colors we stock are black, blue, red and grey.  Custom colors are available - order time is 6-8 weeks.  Most popular colors are the following in this order: black, gray, red then blue.
  7. All MATS are made and stocked in Colorado.  All sizes and colors offered in the brochure and on the website are always in stock.
  8. Order Time:  All PITMATS are shipped within 24 hours of order placed and funds secured.  Delivery time:  3-5 business days in the continental United States.
  9. Payments:  We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discovery, Cash, and Local Checks only.
  10. Cleaning of the PITMATS: We offer a one gallon of PITMAT Cleaner for only $19.95 per gallon.  This should last a consumer a couple of years.  The cleaner was designed by a chemist for best results.
  11. Mini MATS:  We offer a 4' X 6' MINI MAT which has many uses such as, portable PITMAT which you can carry in your truck for emergencies like flat tire and you have good clothes on that you don't want to get dirty - just toss the smaller MINI MAT on the ground and keep yourself clean.  You can use it on the race car under the car while dropping the clutch, etc.  Retail price is $29.95
  12. Thickness:  Our heavy duty PITMATS are a 3 layer product which consists of 10oz. woven polyester in the center and 22oz. PVC on both sides.
  13. Heat Sealed Sections are welded with a minimum 1" wide seam that is as strong as the fabric itself.
  14. When a PITMAT is layed out for the first time from new to every time, it is unfolded and will have creases in it - but NOT TO WORRY - as the soon as the sun hits the PITMAT, it will lay flat on the surface.
  15. We recommend that you sweep or brush the surface before you lay the PITMAT down.  This will provide a smoother surface for the PITMAT and anyone lying on the PITMAT.
  16. Pro Jacks won't cause any harm to the PITMAT, but we do recommend using "PIT PADS" for Under Jack Stands if this is what you use.  These PIT PADS are for sale on this site for $19.95 per pair.  Simply sit the pad under each jack stand with sharp edges.
  17. Custom Logos to improve the PITMAT: We offer a 6" border which goes all the way around the MAT.  We also offer custom logos that can be added to each MAT.  Both of these items can only be installed at time of purchase.  Prices are located in the brochure and also on this website under each product item in the "Options" pull down menu. Logos must be provided in a PDF or AI file [high resolution], we then send it to our printing company and they will provide a proof of the correct size, borders and color and logo as it would be seen on the actual MAT.  Customer must then send us an email either approving the sample proof or with modification requests.  All logos and borders must be paid for in advance before any artwork is completed.  Logos are guaranteed to be a minimum of 42" wide and will retain proper aspect ratio.
  18. Storage: Most PITMATS will fold up into a 24" X 24" size, depending on the size of the PITMAT.
  19. Inventory:  In the past, we use to stock approzimatly 7000 sqft to 15000 sqft, but since we took over the company, we now keep stock of approximately 30,000 sqft.  Our goal is to NEVER be out of any standard size and color PITMAT.
  20. Use your PITMAT to show off your logo like a banner!  If you are looking for a custom banner for your team logo, please contact us to discuss details.